Bali…… A Contradiction……

We all know it, have heard of it or have been lucky enough to have experienced it once or maybe more. The hustle and bustle. The peace and serenity. The only place in the world where you can experience all or nothing and leave with a nourished and humbled soul.

Bali a work/life balance.

Stay tuned……. And fall in love…. I did 🙂

A love story between an island, its people and a barefoot traveller.

I am an Aussie Girl from Brisbane who fell in love with an island many many years ago. And I have never fallen out of love with Bali.

I love the freedom of travel and the rewards you receive for stepping out and packing your bags.

I specialise in Asia.

Bali & beyond.

Why should people come to Bali Beachcomber over our competitors?

I aim to be able to give you the true experience. To give you honest evaluations on all things like accommodation, restaurants, bars and tours. I am not here to make a million dollars and I don’t have a board to answer to.

No glossy sales pitches just the Bali Beachcomber keeping it real.

Real food. Real people. Real adventures.

I have started Bali Beachcomber Travel Blog to explore and explain the myths. To rewrite the headlines about Bali. And to avail to you the experience, the knowledge and the tips to this island and its amazing people. To provide real time adventures and to explore hidden gems, backstreet roaming to get the best deals, the sweetest food and the most amazing accommodation on offer in Bali.

And of course to meet the people who call Bali home.