Bali Sharks Rescue Center

January 26, 2017

Bali shark rescue center

You may ask why…..

Why should we help to save the greatest apex predator in our oceans……..

Why should we donate to a cause that saves and helps the shark populations in our oceans……….

As you all know only too well 🙂 this topic is a real passion of mine. It is one topic on which more education and understanding is urgently needed.

The unauthorised, unregulated, high level wasteful slaughter of this apex predator has far reaching consequences to all on this planet.


80% of our sharks have been annihilated through fishing and the cruel act of shark finning. Sharks have shaped the marine life in our oceans for over 450 million years.

As the name states, Apex Predator, a sharks role in any ocean at the top of the food chain is to keep all marine populations healthy and in proper proportion.

Sharks are essential to the health of our oceans and ultimately the survival of humankind.

You can love them or hate them but one point stands above your feeling towards these creatures and that is sharks play a crucial role on this and for this planet and for those who inhabit the planet.

You and me.

There are not very many people that think the same way as I do, and that’s fine but understand we DO need to protect and save our sharks.

One such place trying against all the odds and succeeding in making a difference is Bali Sharks Rescue Center.

At the moment they need your urgent assistance. To rebuild shark pens and nurseries that have been disintegrated by the elements. To be able to save more pups. To feed and ultimately transport healthy sharks for release back into the ocean they call home.

Visit the Face Book page. Read a little and learn a lot. If going to Bali get in touch with them. Go visit and see the work they are doing.

As the caretakers of this planet for future generations, educate and donate. Help make a difference in any small way. Every little bit helps.

Save Our Sharks and Protect Our Oceans and make one happy Shark Loving Bali Beachcomber 🙂


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Please share.

Til next time, Peace, Love and Light to you all.

Bali Beachcomber 🙂


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