November 26, 2016

In Australia, somewhere in Queensland, Saturday morning, stormy and raining but my head and heart are in Bali.

Every minute, every second of the day is a count down to my return to the Island of the Gods. To the sacred place of my sanity, my peace, my oneness with the world.

We have all been programed to operate like tiny insignificant robots. Day in, day out. Never taking the time to just sit and watch the world. Never just breathing in the amazingness of the planet we call home.

Bali to me is exactly where I can let go. Where the bad energy takes a hike and the good energy hugs me close. In the oceans, the jungle, the mountains and the people of my true love.

Bali Island of the Gods.

We hear so many things and see so many headlines. Step out, don’t be scared discover magic, peace, light and love.

Bali Beachcomber 🙂

By Bali

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