More to Bali than Kuta

November 19, 2016

Last Blog I started covering the different area’s that are Bali and I want to continue here as we head to the other side.

This is an area of Bali not very often visited and you are missing such beauty by not adventuring out and just going.

The people are so laid back and very friendly.

In these area’s you will be welcomed in and if you are lucky enough, like we were, you will share in village life and be truly immersed in the organic and spiritual Balinese culture.

North West and East

From the pristine waters of Menjangan Island to Lovina and all along this beautiful coast line to Amed.

From diving to snorkelling and just relaxing this really is the wondrous wild side of Bali. If you live, eat and breathe water and the ocean then and you want to just kick back and join a community then……………….Welcome to Paradise.

Menjangan Island


Ok so this is my secret place. It is my peace and my absolute love. Its surrounded by the most exciting ocean. To explore this place is to be part of the colourful and fabulous underwater world of Bali.

Menjangan is a small island 5 miles off the  North West tip of Bali. Menjangan in Balinese means Deer. So in English we have deer island :-). It is a great 30 minute boat ride to the surrounding waters of the island. Fantastic snorkelling spots and some of the best drop dives.


Lovina and surrounds


From the jungled hillsides to the palm fringed black sand beaches, Lovina has something for everyone. This side of Bali is so very different from what tourists are used to. Its refreshing. It is also the best place to catch awesome and romantic sunsets.

Great restaurants and the absolute best accommodation with prices up to 50 percent less.




Peace, serenity and more peace to the north eastern tip of Bali. A place to go just to sit and soak it all in. Or take the opportunity to dive on the USS Liberty wreck.

The area around Amed is full of beautiful little fishing villages. Here you can try traditional fishing sailing, diving or just relax in some of the most luxurious private villas along the coast.


It is no easy feat to get to this side of the island and you can do day trips. My honest advice don’t do a day trip head up for minimum 4 days to truly experience all on offer this side of Bali.

The drive is 3 hours through jungles, around lakes and winding roads over mountains. The scenery is something to behold.


Next blog I am going to try and cover places to stay, eat, drink and have fun. Trips and adventures to be had in the area’s I have covered so far.

Seminyak, Ubud and the North West & Eastern side of Bali before moving on and discovering the rest of Bali.

Think you know Bali?

I think not.

There is always more to discover about this magical place known as Island of the Gods

🙂 Bali Beachcomber



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