Flights and grabbing the elusive bargain to Bali

November 19, 2016

Flights to Bali are usually good prices all year round but for me I love a bargain. I have numerous places I go in search of the elusive sale tickets.

I also watch the airline sights such as Virgin (who are my favourites to fly with anywhere in the world), Garuda and off course Jetstar. If your willing to put the work in there are some great sales that come up all year round and those fantastic big one off ones like “Pay one way fly home free”. I have personally scored these flights and its great value.

Be prepared to fly out of peak times in the day such as late afternoon arriving into Bali between 10pm and midnight.

Utilise the sites below. Sign up so you get sale alerts emailed to you. And check all the time as you never know when a crazy sale will happen.

Virgin Australia

My favourite.

Great sales and of course the fab Happy Hour fares each Thursday from 4pm.

They also have one of the best rewards programs in Velocity. Keep in mind that even with Virgin sale fares your luggage is included and usually on the short haul international flights so is a meal unlike other airlines.

These guys have won so many awards and rightly so. Fantastic airline with absolutely fabulous staff having received the awards for Best Airline Staff and Best Airline Cabin Crew.

When you score a sale flight with these guys the fun starts on take off.


The couple of times over the years I have flown with Garuda I found them to be fabulous. The cabin crew are just a delight. So friendly and courteous. Always a beautiful smile.

They do have sale fares although these are fewer than the other airlines referred to above.

Also I found that flights will not be as full as with our airlines and sometimes (as we were lucky enough to get) leaving Australia going back home you may only have 50 people on board so heaps of room to stretch out and sleep.



These guys have some amazing sales. You have to be alert and constantly watching. They do send you a warning email with a count down when they are just about to offer something terrific. Sign up for the Jetstar alerts and receive notice of the crazy sales.

Click Here for Jetstar!
Click Here for Jetstar Deals

One thing to keep in mind is the fares are the basics. So no luggage. No meals etc.

In the last round of fly one way home for free sales I managed to get tickets. I had 3 computers going and a phone when the sale started. I had never flown this airline before.

I scored the tickets and after the sale went back on to purchase the luggage option.

I think it was around $25 to 30. But hey when you can get 2 return tickets for $440 (altogether not each )the extra baggage cost was nothing lol.

Another couple of sites I use are:


I have this constantly turned on on my phone and gives real time sale fares. It is the best app I think I have.

I love it and it is invaluable to any traveler.

I can use this app in any country for real time fare prices from anywhere in the world.

Also a new one I am trialling is

I Know The Pilot 

As I said above I have just started looking at this one and I have found it is random times and days but worth a look if you can just pack a bag and go anytime.

With the above I cannot stress enough to ensure you get the right insurance that cover you for absolutely anything and your flights, baggage, documents and money.


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