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November 12, 2016

In my last blog I made the comment “its not Kuta” and I have had a few questions since posting about 5 mins ago.

Thanks for the comments and questions and thank you for following.

Peace Light & love to you all 🙂

My thing is (and this is only my personal thoughts) if you would not do it at home why do it in Bali?

Don’t walk around with bottles of Bintang drunk.

Don’t walk around in your swim wear shopping.

Would you do it here in Brisvegas. I think not.

If you cant ride a scooter don’t think that as if magic you arrive in Bali and the scooter fairy tapped you and now you can.

You just bloody cant.

And then we have the best one.

The drinking knob who cant ride a scooter but was scooter fairy tapped. This will end only one way and its a guarantee. In the emergency room or worse.

I know it can get tedious having to say no to everyone trying to sell you stuff but be firm and polite. Keep walking, no eye contact and say No Thanks.

I have a zen place I go to in my head. It blocks out all of the madness. Find one and use it.

Don’t get too drunk out and about its too easy to get trapped. Bali is great and is safe but as with anywhere you need to keep your wits about you. To stay minimally clear headed enough to take notice and act on your gut instincts. To stay safe.

We go into Kuta but in the day time and it is great. Kuta is an integrial part of Bali and everyone must experience it but our choice is not to be there 24/7 as we would rather not have all of the above around us.

Be respectful. Balinese as a whole are a spiritual people be respectful. Falling out of a bar stumbling round like a drunken arsewipe is not I repeat not respectful.

Bali is a magical place it is not your toilet.

So if you would not do it here don’t do it in Bali.

Thanks 🙂

Bali Beachcomber


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    Yacon Root

    Great Website. Really enjoyed reading.

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