Are you ready?

November 11, 2016

Are you ready?

So you’ve scored yourself some great cheap tickets and travel insurance and its time to pack.

  1. Garuda:
  2. Virgin Australia:
  3. Jetstar:
  4. SkyScanner:   (This is my favourite)

At the Airport

Don’t forget that in this day and age there are heaps of restrictions on what you can and cant take. Here are a few tips and sites to visit to avoid the airport rage syndrome when leaving Australia.

In Australia now we have some of the harshest restrictions in place at airports and it pays to know what you are allowed and/or not allowed. Some careful attention to the following will save you a headache, argument and/or temper tantrum (yep seen them… fully grown adult temper tantrums in Customs).

Always remember carry on is different to checked on luggage. Check out Brisbane Passenger Information here –>

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs)

  1. On all international flights, passengers will only be able to have LAGs in containers up to 100ml in size in carry-on baggage.
  2. These containers must fit into a one-litre, resealable transparent plastic bag that measures approximately 20cm x 20cm.
  3. Only one resealable transparent plastic bag per passenger is allowed.
  4. Containers over 100ml in capacity are not permitted.
  5. Prescription medicines, where the name on the medicine matches the name on the boarding pass, can be brought onboard in carry-on baggage.
  6. Non-prescription medicines and all baby products are also exempt from the security measures, but the amount carried is restricted to a quantity that is reasonable for the duration of the flight.
  7. There are no changes to the amount of LAGs passengers are allowed to pack in checked baggage. Current restrictions on Dangerous Goods remain in force.
  8. All surrendered LAGs will be disposed of in accordance with Australian Quarantine and Customs requirements. Passengers may be subject to a random pat-down search (undertaken by a person of the same gender).

My personal tip also for making it a smoother Customs experience is to avoid wearing clothes with metal on or in it.

Avoid wearing a lot of jewellery and/or jewellery that is hard to remove. Wear shoes that are comfortable but easy to slip on and off going through the scans. Sooo NO thigh high boots lol

You cannot take liquids such as bottled water through customs but you can get it on the other side once through. In saying that all airlines have a ban in place and if you buy a bottle of water to take on the flight (because you don’t want to pay the outlandish price on the plane) you will loose it on boarding.

If its cold in Australia dress for where you are landing. Nothing worse than turning up in Bali in a long sleeved shirt overcoat and jeans (yep that’s right seen that too lol).

Be comfortable, drink heaps of fluids and be friendly to your neighbour. Your stuck with them for hours 🙂

Its take off time…Relax your on holiday.

By Bali

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